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biodiversity informatics

TDWG standards development


data science education

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Selected publications

Baskauf, Steven J. and Jessica K. Baskauf. 2021. Using the W3C Generating RDF from Tabular Data on the Web Recommendation to manage small Wikidata datasets. Semantic Web Journal (in press).

Groom, Quentin, Peter Desmet, Lien Reyserhove, Tim Adriaens, Damiano Oldoni, Sonia Vanderhoeven, Steven J. Baskauf, Arthur Chapman, Melodie McGeoch, Ramona Walls, John Wieczorek, John R. U. Wilson, Paula F. F. Zermoglio, Annie Simpson. 2019. Improving Darwin Core for research and management of alien species. Biodiversity Information Science and Standards 3:e38084.

Baskauf, Steven J., John Wieczorek, John Deck, and Campbell O. Webb. 2016. Lessons learned from adapting the Darwin Core vocabulary standard for use in RDF. Semantic Web Journal 7:617-627. (open access at

Baskauf, Steven J. and Campbell O. Webb. 2016. Darwin-SW: Darwin Core-based terms for expressing biodiversity data as RDF. Semantic Web Journal 7:629-243. (open access at

Recent presentations

Baskauf, Steven J. 2021-11-19. Who’s the artist and who gets to decide? Identity management in Wikidata, where “anyone can edit” in Art in Context: Identity, Ethics, and Insight. Art Information Commons (Philadelphia Museum of Art). Presentation:

Baskauf, Steve, Charlotte Lew, and Anne Richardson. 2021-10-30. Linking the Art in the Christian Tradition (ACT) database to Wikidata. WikidataCon 2021. Online. Presentation:

Baskauf, Steve and Kali Mason. 2021-10-26. Working with Wikidata. Southeastern Museums Conference Annual Meeting. Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA. October 26, 2021. Presentation:

Baskauf, Steven J. 2021-10-18. Having your cake and eating it too: JSON-LD as an RDF serialization format in Connecting biodiversity data with knowledge graphs (symposium). Biodiversity Information Standards Annual Meeting. Online. Presentation:

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Latest Posts

Birding in Puerto Rico
Birding in Puerto Rico

After recently making a trip to Puerto Rico that was primarily focused on bird watching, I decided to write a blog post to pass on some of what we learned. Much of the information that we got from books or the Internet was outdated or incorrect, so hopefully this post will help others to have an easier time finding good places to bird there.

QT Py RP2040 workshop
QT Py RP2040 workshop

I’m really excited to be working with Vanderbilt Science and Engineering librarian Francisco Juarez to develop a workshop series to teach participants to program the QT Py RP2040 microcontroller using CircuitPython.

VanderBot 1.9 supports somevalue
VanderBot 1.9 supports somevalue

One of the issues I discussed at my recent talk in the Art in Context: Identity, Ethics, and Insight symposium was the problem of representing anonymous artists in knowledge graphs. The solution that the Wikidata community has accepted is to associate a P170 (creator) claim with a somevalue snak having a P3831 (object has role) qualifier value of Q4233718 (anonymous). In RDF, this corresponds to a blank node and Wikidata claims using somevalue are represented by blank nodes in the Query Service.